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Three things on my mind recently


It’s time to think of writing something for this week. I have a couple of ideas. They are about Belly Busters, the pizza place where we go. And also about getting older as these months seem to be passing by faster and faster. And I’ll have to add to those two things that my computer is not working very well.

NASA: Blaze Star could soon reappear


Recently, NASA announced that a “new star” may soon appear in the constellation Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown.

Staycation turned out to be great decision


This spring break our family decided to do a staycation. We wanted to have time together doing fun activities, but we did not want our daughter to always expect a vacation during school breaks.

Books remain DCDL’s bread and butter


Last week in this column we began a series called “Back to the Basics.” I’ve worked at the Delaware County District Library for over a decade now, and many of the things we routinely do are no longer new to me. It’s easy to forget that our everyday activities within a library are also brand new concepts to someone who is just entering a library for the first time.

Easter oddities caused by moon, spring equinox


In some ways, Easter is a strange holiday. For one thing, its date bounces around the calendar. Small children search for eggs and worship a large rodent. This year, the highest holiday of the Christian calendar is followed the next day by the less reputable April Fool’s Day.

Bringing back Ohio manufacturing


Last week we delivered a big win for Ohio: the investment necessary to complete the historic Intel project in New Albany.

Plant Based Treaty: Why it’s climate crisis solution


The climate crisis is a call on all of us, and what an opportunity and responsibility we have at hand to easily, significantly, and most importantly, quickly, improve the situation in regards to the rising climate crisis and endangered ecosystems, the animals and the people at risk now, as well as for generations to come. We can greatly help our national leaders to conquer the colossal challenges and connected high costs!

Cracking down on Mexican steel imports


In Ohio, we know too well how bad trade policy has hurt steel towns – including the businesses, workers, and communities they’ve built.

Story behind historic magazine in Williamsburg


“I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

Suppers with local weatherman


On Thursday, our evening started off with supper at our church. Our friend Scott was cooking, so you know it was good. And it’s always nice when I don’t have to cook or do dishes. By the time we got home it was getting a little dark, and the weather seemed just a little weird! However, when the TV was turned on, they were showing a map of where a tornado was traveling towards our area.


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