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This week, a Three Bags Full consignment sale will be held in Delaware, starting today and running through Saturday.

The sale will be at Highpoint Nazarene Church at 795 Pollock Road and will open to the public today at 10 a.m.

Three Bags Full consignment sales feature items including clothing from newborn through adult sizes, toys, books, sporting goods, and many other items.

The items are contributed by consignors who set their own prices and receive a minimum of 65 percent of the money earned by the sale of their items and up to 80 percent if they help out with the sale during the week.

The idea for Three Bags Full consignment sales was born from a garage sale in Newark, Ohio, that nobody went to. DeAnn Nightingale, founder of Three Bags Full, said that the experience of her failed garage sale gave her “this idea to pool our resources.”

Nightingale’s sales soon outgrew her garage and she eventually found herself hosting five-week-long sales each spring and fall. The sales are held in Newark, Delaware, Pickerington, Hilliard and Hartford, Ohio.

The Delaware sale boasts dozens of racks and tables that fill two gymnasiums and spill out into the church’s hallway. The items are carefully sorted by size and gender “so it’s kind of like a department store,” according to Nightingale. “The goal is not really to do any digging.”

Nightingale said that her favorite part of Three Bags Full is “the relationships with families that we’ve met through the sales.” The sales themselves are a family affair with Nightingale’s two teenage children helping out and the families of consignors frequently pitching in at the sales.

Nightingale said that she loves seeing how her sales can benefit other families and cited email that she has received from consignors. She said that one woman emailed her to tell her that she had earned enough money through one of the sales that she had been able to add another day to her family’s Disney vacation.

Another consignor said she was able to pay off one of her child’s hospital bills, thanks to money earned through one of the sales, according to Nightingale. These messages show that “each person’s important and their family finances are important,” said Nightingale.

Consignors can register at threebagsfull.info and “anybody can participate who wants to,” according to Nightingale. There is no maximum number of items that consignors can contribute, but there is a minimum requirement of 10 items. Many consignors opt to donate unsold items at the end of the sale, but they can pick up unsold items if they choose to do so.

Many items will be on sale on Friday night and Saturday, as consignors can opt to place a red dot on their price tags, signifying that they will be 50 percent off at that time.

Early entry to the sale is available for consignors and those who purchase early entry tickets for $10. Tickets can be purchased at the website where more information about shopping times and early entry can also be found.

DeAnn Nightingale, founder of Three Bags Full, getting ready for the Delaware sale.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/40/2016/03/web1_bags.jpgDeAnn Nightingale, founder of Three Bags Full, getting ready for the Delaware sale. Megan Neary | For The Gazette
Three Bags Full sale starts today

By Megan Neary

For The Gazette

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