Students debut “The SpongeBob Musical”


The Delaware Hayes Thespians’ production of “The SpongeBob Musical” opened Thursday at Hayes High School.

The cast and crew worked for months to bring the well-known cartoon’s characters and environments to life for the show. Additional performances will be held at 7:30 p.m. tonight and at 2 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Tickets are available at

Senior Ethan Terry, who plays Patrick Star in the show, said Wednesday he was looking forward to the show, which is his last at Hayes.

“I’m very excited,” Terry said. “It’s gone really, really well. I think everyone will love it.”

Terry said his favorite part of rehearsals was working with his fellow cast members.

“(I enjoyed) spending time with everyone and making the show better and better every day,” Terry said, adding this will likely be his last performance ever since he doesn’t see himself doing theater in college, where he plans to study communications.

Senior Annabelle Miller, who plays a sardine in the show, said the experience has made her want to try community theater after she graduates and starts working as a hair stylist. Miller said Wednesday she was nervous for the show’s opening.

“I don’t feel fully prepared, but I’m hoping it will all go well,” Miller said. “I’m really excited.”

Nick Hejmanowski, a sophomore who plays the villainous Plankton in the show, said he had enjoyed the part and working with the cast.

“(My favorite part has been) this last week of us being all together,” Hejmanowski said. “It’s interesting seeing all the little bits I wouldn’t have seen before. … (Playing Plankton is) fun, he’s a neat character.”

Junior Evalyn Penley, who plays Plankton’s partner, Karen the Computer, said she enjoyed seeing the cast work to improve the show throughout the rehearsal process.

“My favorite part is getting to see how the show comes together every day … how our confidence grows as a cast and how we have more confidence in each other,” Penley said. “(I like the) cast dinners we have. We get to bond more, and it’s a way for us to cool off after rehearsal.”

Killian Bush, a freshman and member of the show’s ensemble, said the best part of rehearsals was seeing the show come together.

“I love seeing what goes on back stage,” Bush said. “I love seeing how hard the crew works because they’re just amazing. You can see the progression. It’s really cool.”

Fellow freshman Marty Howard, who plays a sardine in the show, said, “I’m definitely nervous, but I love broadway and theater, so there’s also a lot of excitement. Aside from being able to perform, my favorite part has been being able to meet new people and get close to everybody. It’s really fun because even if you are in the ensemble, you still do a lot.”

Carissa Matson, a sophomore who plays Mrs. Puff, said she wasn’t nervous about the show’s opening and was looking forward to playing the comical character.

“It’s not a super big role, but her few moments are very funny,” Matson said of her character.

Matson added this is her fourth show at Hayes, and this is her silliest role.

“It’s definitely been an adjustment. I played Mrs. Peterson last year, one of the funnier characters, and this is definitely different in terms of the era, music style and humor in general,” she said.

A few moments later, Mavis Roach, the sophomore who voices the show’s iconic French narrator, said the experience has been a dream come true for her.

“It’s so fun,” Roach said. “One day I want to be a voice actor, and I think it’s so cool that I get to essentially voice act in this show.”

Roach said she’s looking forward to future shows at Hayes.

“I want to do many different types of theater. … I want to be a part of every single show,” she said. “This is my passion, and I’m so happy I get to have this opportunity.”

Sophomore Lucas Hopper said playing a cowboy in the show has been enjoyable.

“(This show) is a lot more complicated,” Hopper said. “The parts are a lot more intense, but it’s been really fun and high energy. I’ve been having a really good time.”

Shivani Tennety, a freshman in the ensemble, said she enjoyed meeting the members of the cast.

“I really like getting to work with everyone here,” Tennety said. “I think the upperclassmen are really awesome to the freshmen.”

Tennety said the show is more demanding than her previous musical experience at Dempsey Middle School.

“There’s a lot more demand for hard work and dedication, which is great,” Tennety said. “We also have a much more robust structure. We still work really hard. It’s definitely a lot more expectations, but if you’re doing your work, putting in effort and trying your best, you’ll do great.”

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