Price of breakfast at DCS to increase


The Delaware City Schools Board of Education approved a breakfast price increase and a project to repair asphalt in the district at its meeting Monday.

During its last meeting for the 2022-2023 school year, the board signed off on a 25 cent price increase for student breakfast next year. The price of adult breakfast will increase by 75 cents.

Executive Director of Human and Material Resources Jerry Stewart said the price increase will not affect lunch prices. Stewart said the small increase was needed to make sure the district was not losing money on breakfast operations.

Also on Monday, the board approved a number of action items, including a $51,775 contract with Chemcote for asphalt repair and maintenance at several locations in the district. Director of Facilities and Transportation Jason Sherman told the board that the eastern parking lot at Dempsey Middle School will be restored and repaired, and the softball field and Woodward Elementary parking lots will be seal coated and striped.

The board also approved the purchase of a conventional school bus at a cost of $113,391. Sherman said the bus will be helpful as the district predicts an increase in out-of-district transportation.

Superintendent Heidi Kegley spoke to the board about enrollment figures and said the district’s enrollment is holding steady. Kegley said that in 2017, the district had 5,689 students, slightly higher than the district’s current enrollment of 5,623.

Kegley said the district is projecting that number to increase to 6,025 by 2027, and the recently completed set of bond issue projects will help the district handle the “steady but manageable growth.” Kegley said it will be important for the district to continue to monitor the growth.

The board also approved the retirement of Henry Cook, an educational assistant from the Ohio School for the Deaf, and Sally Rathje, the district’s director of food services.

Additionally, the board approved a number of resignations, including Samantha Goble, an intervention specialist at Carlisle Elementary; Allison Ratcliffe, a psychologist at Carlisle; Tamara Bauman, a bus driver; McKenzie Decker, a School Aged Child Care (SACC) program assistant for the district; and Megan Shawver, a SACC program assistant.

The board then approved a number of employments, including Kailah Breece, a math teacher at Hayes High School; Thomas Jarvis, a math teacher at Hayes; Zachary Kneisel, a science teacher at Schultz Elementary School; Emma Lucas, an intervention specialist at Schultz; Jason McLead, an intervention specialist at Dempsey; Mackenzie O’Brien, an intervention specialist at Schultz; Brittany Wallace, an intervention specialist at Hayes; and Allison Watson, an intervention specialist at Schultz.

The board will meet next on June 20 at 6 p.m.

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