Main Street Delaware unveils new brand to celebrate 25 years


As it kicks off a yearlong celebration of 25 years of service to Delaware’s historic downtown, Main Street Delaware has announced its new downtown Delaware identity brand, “Just Next Door.”

Unveiled last week as part of the “Cheers to 25 Years” event held at Clo Wine Gallery & Lounge that featured community leaders, local businesses, residents, and supporters to commemorate Main Street Delaware’s history, the “Just Next Door” brand includes a new logo that “incorporates vibrant colors and key Delaware identifiers including the Little Brown Jug, downtown shops, historical architecture, and the arts,” a release stated.

“We are excited to introduce ‘Just Next Door’ as a reflection of our commitment to building a downtown that is not just a place on the map but a shared space where everyone feels a sense of belonging,” said Main Street Delaware Executive Director Courtney Hendershot in the release.

According to Hendershot, the brand introduction marks a “significant evolution” in the organization’s commitment to fostering a “vibrant and interconnected downtown community.” It aims to encapsulate the essence of Delaware’s proximity to surrounding areas and cities while also reflecting the idea that Delaware is not just a place on a map but a vibrant hub offering unique experiences within a short distance.

The brand was created by a volunteer Main Street Delaware Marketing Committee chaired by resident Hannah Simpson, and the logo was created by committee member and designer Jorge Sanclemente, also the 2024 president of the Main Street Delaware Board of Directors. The committee also consisted of Thom Leiter, Lynsey Penny, Jeff Kirby, Terri-Lynn Smiles, Caroline Pusateri and Hendershot.

“Main Street Delaware’s ‘Just Next Door’ invites everyone to explore one-of-a-kind shops, discover hidden gems, and enjoy the distinctive charm that makes Delaware a destination worth discovering, just around the corner,” Hendershot said. “The new brand reflects Main Street Delaware’s vision for the future — a downtown that is not just a place but a community. ‘Just Next Door’ symbolizes the idea that everything you need for a vibrant and fulfilling life is right within reach, right in your community.”

Hendershot went on to say the ‘Cheers to 25 Years’ was the “perfect occasion to launch this brand, celebrating how far we have come, but also looking forward to a future where downtown Delaware becomes synonymous with vibrancy, connectivity, and a thriving spirit that invites everyone to explore, connect, and make lasting memories right in their own neighborhood.”

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